With friends like these…

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I know this quote ends with a negative (and the person that this post is about will inform me of that herself) but today I was reminded of just how brilliant my friends are. Having had a shitty day at work and texting my colleague to say “It’s going to be me crying today” she arrives in the office of my boarding house saying “what needs doing to make you less stressed”. We have a bit of a rant and a vent and then she just went and tidied up my room for me because she knew it was stressing me out. She put my duvet cover and pillow cases on, literally did everything. I couldn’t have asked for more and she did it just because I needed a moment to breathe and a moment of relief where I didn’t need to be doing something.

I can extra appreciate her today as it was her national day yesterday… I remembered to say happy birthday so we’re all good!

It’s been shitty generally at work recently and she’s just been a bit of a star, there when I need to breathe or rant.

When my boss made me cry, I wrote a list and asked a couple of friends for words to describe me. I wrote them on the whiteboard that hangs above my bed. She came in one day and just wrote another three words to the list, nothing else was said. A silent support.

The day after my boss made me cry, I was given notes and chocolates by other colleagues and found in my pigeon hole quoting Harry Potter. These notes are stuck to my wall because who doesn’t need a Potter quote in their lives?

A couple of days later I came into my room and found a book lying on my bed. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone in Gryffindor red lying proudly there, with another quote stuck on a sticky inside. She knew I wanted to read them again but didn’t have the copies.

There’s never a fuss and never an expectation of return.

Honestly and truly need to make a massive shout out, because right now, she’s keeping me sane in the madhouse and getting me through. Hats off to you Canada, smashing this friend thing even if you don’t get what the hell I’m thinking with half my decisions!

“If you want to find out who’s a true friend, screw up or go through a challenging time… then see who sticks around.”


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