Props to Noah and the Whale (yes that old band) for the title of this one. I am currently sitting in the airport in Las Vegas listening to L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N by Noah and the Whale. Why is this worth blogging about you ask? Well let me just tell you about the last couple of days….

I woke for work early on Wednesday morning as I needed to pack to go to the States. so I was up at around 6.45am (very early for me). I did a load of washing before work (way too productive for the morning) and managed to finish packing up the last little bits I needed from my room at work and was ready to do a day at work, spin out of work and into city and then home to finish packing everything.

This all went fairly smoothly, I left work at 4.15pm, however I misjudged the traffic… so I didn’t end up parking until 4.45pm… and I needed to visit three banks, two of which were at opposite ends of the city before they closed at 5pm AND get to my eye brow appointment at 5pm. Challenge accepted. I made it. So with money in the bank and my brows on fleek, I bought myself some new flip flops (and sliders) and then went home. Mum and I popped out to get some ‘picky bits’ I my favourite pre holiday meal) and then I came home and smashed the packing. I was up until around 2am on Thursday morning finishing the last bits of packing. So I got about an hour and a halfs sleep on Wednesday night as I was up at 3.45am on Thursday to get showered, dressed and ready to leave the house at 4.30am.

My brother drove me to Gatwick, we arrived in good time and I was through and into duty free with plenty of time. I mean I got stopped at every point of security, but that is usual for me. I got some food in me, and sat people watching in Gatwick airport until we went to board.

I lucked out on the plane! I had literally a whole row of 4 seats to myself. I’d asked my dad to book me an aisle seat so I could make sure that I could move my ankle around (it tends to get stuck if not) and I managed to get the whole section! It was amazing I stretched out and was comfy as fuck for the whole trip! I tried to sleep but there were too many children and it seemed that every time I tried to sleep I would get woken up for something…. I wasn’t happy at that. So that was probably a further hour, maybe hour and a half of sleep that I managed to get. I also had the fun challenge of filling in the customs form. While I realise that it is technically a simple form, I cant read it, it is on blue paper…. that was a fun one, oh and my pen exploded! But there was wifi on the plane so there are some benefits….

We landed in Las Vegas and it was clear to me that I was going to be cutting it fine. It took FOREVER  to get through passport control. I made new friends in a random Welsh dude who wanted to come with me to my dads wedding. Highly flattered considering I had no make up on, I was wearing a big baggy tshirt and rugby shorts on. Looking back on it (in my slightly delusional state) maybe he liked the rugby shorts, he was Welsh after all. Anyway, I left my new friend to go and get my case. This also took FOREVER. Having finally got my case off the carousel thingy (and having my Welsh friend yell ‘good luck’ across the baggage claim hall) I sped through to recheck my bag (stupid system) and then through customs (again, why am I doing this twice) and security (where apparently my shaving foam was suddenly a security threat) and I was almost running to the Gate.

To anyone that knows the airport in Las Vegas, it is not particularly well signed… so I make it to the gate with what I think is 15 minutes to spare. I haven’t heard any announcements to say that they are boarding so I take a seat at the gate. There’s another guy there so it must be alright. I’ve got through everything as quickly as I can at the end of the day. The woman comes to the desk and I ask her. To which she tells me the plane has already gone.


She books me onto the next flight, which leaves at 8.55pm. I was meant to be having dinner with my Dad at 6.30pm! I message Dad and he’s not impressed with the situation. Anyway, I was completely overwhelmed I’m not going to lie and so I went and had a complete meltdown in the bathrooms. After a bit of a cry, I pulled on my big girl pants and sorted my shit out. As mum had mentioned, I had no idea where my suitcase was, so I needed to find out about that. By this point, my body thinks that it is about 10.30pm on Thursday night, and I haven’t slept properly for a long time. I literally just wanted to sleep. I had been travelling since 4.30am that morning.

I went on a mission to find someone to help me with the bag conundrum. I walked the whole way through the airport where the gates are, from D1-D46 (Something like that) and there was not one person on the desks and there were no information desks. I am starting to get pissed off by this point. My shin splints have made a reoccurrence and what I didn’t really want to be doing was trailing round the airport with my suitcase and duty free stuff. I decided to go downstairs and there is one person at a tiny information desk despite there being three information desks in total. I went to speak to him hoping that he could help me to track down where my luggage may have got to. Well it is fair to say the man was about as useful as Ryan Giggs’ right foot. (Yes I am referencing football) to anyone reading that doesn’t understand the metaphor, Ryan Giggs was the greatest Manchester United player of recent years (I am a total fan girl of the man) however he was remarkable as he could barely use his right foot to do anything other than stand on. As a professional footballer it was certainly interesting.

He suggested I talk to Delta airlines. So off I went back up the escalators and finally found someone at the desk. He was helpful (ish). He basically said “Your bag is either on the first flight, and will then be in the Delta Airlines baggage office, or it will be on your flight and you will be able to collect it from the carousel.”  So that was as far as I was going to get with the luggage.

This is how I have ended up listening to some old classics for about 5 hours at the airport in Las Vegas. It was as I decided to blog about todays frustrations that L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N by Noah and the Whale came on and it seemed fitting because while all of this was very frustrating and seemingly, life will go on.

Now I am going to find myself cake and water for the remainder of my time here, locate my gate and be ready. San Diego, I am coming for you!

That’s the very tired ramblings of someone that has had three hours sleep in nearly 48 hours and the journey is not yet over! Off to adult just a little bit more before I collapse face first in a bed…

Although when I think about this quote I might stick with water and bread, not cake…

Better bread with water than cake with trouble.” Russian Proverb



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