I was told I had to write this post. Hattie is one of my best friends, we’ve been friends since freshers week of university and its continued. Hattie is mental I swear it, but she is one of the only people that I trust with almost everything about me (there are certain topics she refuses to discuss). We can be as blunt as we like with each other and we don’t get offended! Hattie has been to A&E with me when I’ve been stupid and she is always there when I go “Hattie, I’ve got a situation”.

She gets herself in some situations too mind, but luckily she usually accepts that I am in fact correct and that she should listen to me. She would admit that I am in fact right most of the time.

As I have said in previous blog posts too me friends are invaluable. I rely on my friends a lot and honestly sometimes I am literally the worst at keeping in contact and have long periods of time where I just drop off the face of the earth (usually stress related). I do however hope that my friends realise how important they are to me. I hope that they realise that if they need me I will always be there for them. I may be shit at keeping in contact/meeting up and be a grumpy most of the time but they are genuinely invaluable.

On the horrible day that I broke my ankle, I texted quite a few of my friends as a way of distracting myself from the horrendous pain that I was in. When I told them that I was going to have to get a train home, they were horrified and a number of my friends offered to drive from Northampton to come and get me. What more could I ask for?

Hattie has been there for me when I have really messed up, and she’s also been there when I’ve been celebrating to celebrate along with me. I am thankful for all of my friends every day of the week. They are the metaphorical slap in the face when I need it and the support system that I’ve chosen for myself so that I know full well that I have people to go and be mental with, I have people who will be there when I’ve been mental and I need someone to help me pick up the pieces, that I have people that will help me up when I’m down, but never put me down.

So Hattie (because I know that you are reading this), thank you, for being there to say ‘get your shit together’ but also for being there to say ‘its alright, you’ll make it’ and also ‘well done, I told you you’d make it’



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