Stressed as ****

The title says it all. I have been as stressed as fuck. Twice in the past week I’ve completely lost it with life in generally and one of those ended with me punching a wall. It’s mainly job stress though there were definitely elements of it related to family and also the possibility of a relationship on the horizon. 

I realised very quickly that with the pressures that have been added to me with a new contract at work, I actually can’t work for them anymore. I work literally all weekend, I’m having to act as on call even when I’m not and to be frank the people I’m now working with are incredibly childish, getting us all in trouble when I’ve done nothing wrong. With this in mind I have decided to make a change. 

I applied like mad for new jobs. 

And have managed to get an interview with one! I go for interview on Thursday (it’s all been very quick) and suddenly I feel a hell of a lot better. 

Having said that I’ve learnt some important lessons, I need to be more positive because as cliche as it sounds negative thoughts lead to a negative attitude and a negative life.

So with that thought, onwards and upwards and we hope my interview goes well and I can start adulting properly….

“A great attitude becomes a great mood. Which becomes a great day. Which becomes a great year. Which becomes a great life” 


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