Dyslexia – a note to everyone

I am dyslexic, she says for the millionth time. I have decided that it is important for me to clear up a few things about what dyslexia can be like, and honestly, this is personal, because it is different for everyone. I was assessed as dyslexic at University and so I would be seen as… Continue reading Dyslexia – a note to everyone

11 drinks and a hell of a hangover later

So contrary to this blog, I don’t actually drink often, however my old housemate texted me on Thursday saying the famous words ‘spontaneous drinks on Friday?’ And so I found myself in Bond cocktail bar on Friday night drinking Pornstar Martinis on a fabulous 241 offer. As me and Alice set the world to rights,… Continue reading 11 drinks and a hell of a hangover later

The importance of the word ‘why’

So as I have said, I work with teenagers. Many people say to me that I am absolutely mad to work with them but personally I think teenagers get a bad reputation when it is both the minority of the time and the minority of the people that they are actually acting outrageously. We all… Continue reading The importance of the word ‘why’

My crazy, wonderful, beautiful friends 

I write this blog as I lie on my mums sofa with a horrendous hangover while watching 24 hours in A&E reruns because last night I went for a night out with my wonderful friends. We are a group of girls who all went to high school together, there were add ons in 6th form… Continue reading My crazy, wonderful, beautiful friends 

Losing weight (I don’t know what part I’m on now….)

I came home from the doctors seriously upset. So I did what an rational person does and decided that I was going to prove a point and lose an absolute shed load of weight (of course this was in fact what the doctor wanted me to do) but I was doing it angrily and not… Continue reading Losing weight (I don’t know what part I’m on now….)

The weight loss journey continued

So I came back from India a little lighter and full of hope, I knew what I was doing with this weight loss thing, it was easy! Oh how naïve I was. I came back to England in May and went back to my parents where I quickly slipped back into old habits of constant… Continue reading The weight loss journey continued