Small progress

As I’ve said I’m on a mission to lose weight, as per usual for anyone who knows me. I’ve been really trying to eat well, and resisting the biscuit draw at work has been a challenge in itself. Today I had my final PT session out of 12 and it’s been not necessarily the most… Continue reading Small progress

When you’re happy and you know

I am just a little bit happy at the minute. And actually that’s really pretty happy. I’ve met another human that I actually like enough to want to spend time around and a lot of the time. I’m not going to name him, though he may read this, we’ll see what happens but for once… Continue reading When you’re happy and you know

Everything happens for a reason

but there doesn’t need to be a reason for doing everything. After a bit of a shitty week and a half I have come to an absolutely eye opening conclusion for me. Not everything I do as a young person has to have a reason, or an end game, I can do it to simply… Continue reading Everything happens for a reason

Broken Ankle – The rest of the story, I warn you, it gets gory

The next morning Mum and I popped over to the N&N to sort out the mess that was my ankle. After a trip through A&E and into Minor Injuries I was informed I would need ANOTHER xray because Northampton hadn’t unlocked my records for them to see. Eventually it was decided that I was going… Continue reading Broken Ankle – The rest of the story, I warn you, it gets gory

Losing weight (I don’t know what part I’m on now….)

I came home from the doctors seriously upset. So I did what an rational person does and decided that I was going to prove a point and lose an absolute shed load of weight (of course this was in fact what the doctor wanted me to do) but I was doing it angrily and not… Continue reading Losing weight (I don’t know what part I’m on now….)

The weight loss journey continued

So I came back from India a little lighter and full of hope, I knew what I was doing with this weight loss thing, it was easy! Oh how naïve I was. I came back to England in May and went back to my parents where I quickly slipped back into old habits of constant… Continue reading The weight loss journey continued

Exercise and Nutrition (part 2)

My weight loss journey began with a journey to India. No it wasn’t a radical diet camp set in the Indian sun, but I took a gap year to recover from the hell that was my A levels. I went Bangalore and worked for three months at a school. I was teaching remedial Maths and English… Continue reading Exercise and Nutrition (part 2)