24 more letters

I recently read a quote saying that if plan b fails, don’t worry, there are 24 more letters to go. I liked it’s naive optimism in a sea of inspiring quotes as I aimed to get myself out of a bit of a hole. Im being overly dramatic as per usual but I got shit… Continue reading 24 more letters

Small progress

As I’ve said I’m on a mission to lose weight, as per usual for anyone who knows me. I’ve been really trying to eat well, and resisting the biscuit draw at work has been a challenge in itself. Today I had my final PT session out of 12 and it’s been not necessarily the most… Continue reading Small progress

A game for barbarians

“Rugby is a game for barbarians played by gentlemen. Football is a game for gentlemen played by barbarians.” Oscar Wilde Ever since rugby came into my life I have been happier than I have known in a long time. Rugby made up a massive part of my life in uni, it was where I had… Continue reading A game for barbarians

Must learn to blog more often…

So it looks as though I may have been neglecting the blog life that I created. The new year has been and gone and the stress of Christmas and my birthday are also done. With the beginning of 2018 should really come resolutions and all those wonderful exciting things. I however do not do resolutions,… Continue reading Must learn to blog more often…


So the summer holidays got away and I am now back at work. We had two days worth of CPD and then the boarders came back on Tuesday night. Unfortunately I didn’t have the best start as I ended up having an adverse reaction to some antibiotics on Tuesday night and missed 30 minutes of… Continue reading Restart!

Broken Ankle – The rest of the story, I warn you, it gets gory

The next morning Mum and I popped over to the N&N to sort out the mess that was my ankle. After a trip through A&E and into Minor Injuries I was informed I would need ANOTHER xray because Northampton hadn’t unlocked my records for them to see. Eventually it was decided that I was going… Continue reading Broken Ankle – The rest of the story, I warn you, it gets gory